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Lekwa Consulting Engineers

Agility - Our knowledge base in the sector allows for adaptable, synchronised system approach in our service offering. Through collaborations with Strategic Partners, we are able to respond timeously to Clients needs on Projects. Our adaptation to Industry 4.0 allows our processes to respond to the future needs.

Excellence – We continuosly strive to provide the highest and acceptable Quality Service to our clients through our team of professionals and partners. Our attunned management style ensure a bottom up approach in design solution for our communities. With advanced technological tools and methods, we are able to respond efficiently and effectively to project based requirements.

Experience – With over sixteen years of project delivery in the sector, we are highly experienced to offer extensive expertise and innovative engineering solutions. Our understanding of extensive challenges within communities, ensures our adherence to technical solutions, taking into account socio – economic, geolocation and environmental challenges.

Our Motto - A truly Empowered South African firm united through our diversity.